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Diy In-Wall Gun Safe Between Studs

Diy In-Wall Gun Safe Between Studs. Fits up to 2 long guns Use the space in your walls that otherwise is wasted;

It's a hidden Jewelry , inside the wall cavity from www.pinterest.ca

Accessible behind a moveable panel, gun cabinets are custom built to house your collection between the studs of a wall. Paragrapo lock safe 7700 flat electronic wall safe. I wanted to have a place to secure my firearms that wasn't visible all the time, so i came up with the idea of a recessed in the wall gun cabinet that doubles as a full body mirror.

3 Removeable Shelves / 1 Removeable Tray;

See more ideas about storage, hidden gun, hidden gun storage. Door hinged bottom to provide convenient shelf when open. The perfect alternative to bulky gun safes, concealed gun cabinets slyly hide firearms and ammunition where no one would expect.

Looking At The Quickvault Xl And The Closetvault Ii (Still Need To Measure Guns To See If The +$300 Jump Up To The Closetvault Is Necessary).

The peg board adds additional strength to the door and allows for more options when configuring the in wall vault vs. Securely anchor your safe in to wall studs; Mounts between standeard 16″ on center stud walls;

The Closet Vault Plus Has The New 3 Point Locking System.

However, they are designed to fit a standard wall construction. You need to the frame out behind the drywall with the 2×4's see pictures. Width is generally limited to 16” due to space in between studs

44 Inches Tall X 16.25 Inches Wide X 4 Inches Deep.

Will this wall safe fit between my studs? Basically you will cut a hole in the sheetrock between two studs. Fits up to 2 long guns

Biometric Wall Safe, Hidden Fingerprint Security Wall Safe, In Wall Safe Between Studs,Perfect For Home/Office/Hotel, Secure Handgun, Documents, Jewelry, Valuables.

#1) amsec wfs149 fireproof wall safe. Use the space in your walls that otherwise is wasted; Every manufacturer lists a different width;

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